Elevate your Brand Experience- services by Audette of Catalyst Experiential


I help you stand out by redesigning your client journey & signature brand experiences– elevating your buzz,

sales & impact.  

Elevate your Buzz!
Right now you’re blending in more than standing out, so let’s bring your whole ecosystem to life in such a UNIQUE way that people HAVE to rave about it to their friends, colleagues & on Social media.

Elevate your Sales
Most consultants & coaches use zoom, but people are zoomed out – what if you could show how different you really are with more engaging more dynamic brand experiences through your entire client journey? (sales to intake to on-boarding to over-delivery) 

Elevate your Impact
Feeling clumped in with a mass of online offers that over-hype & under-deliver is not where you belong.  Not when your quality is infinitely better than 90% of what’s out there. What if I could package your unique brilliance to have you shining so brightly your ideal clients gravitated to gracefully & your beneficial impact reached so many more because of it. 


Stand out from the first interaction by inviting clients into your own cohesive, gorgeously branded, fully interactive World.



Custom design bespoke Virtual Environment for Group Program & Mastermind- by Audette


Zoom is a Default. Not a Delight.

I design unique  on-brand environments for business leaders
who want to dazzle & overdeliver.

Perfect for small high-touch coaching programs, interactive workshops, virtual retreats, VIP Days & Masterminds.

I can redesign your Intake Experience, Onboarding Experience, Workshop or Course Experience, Summit or Event Experience. 

If you want to stand out, I will be the Ace up your Sleeve. 

Introducing the

E Luxe Design Intensive by client experience designer Audette


You’re Raising the Bar with your Work.

I’ll Raise the bar of its Delivery. 

E-LUXE is a high-touch VIP Design Intensive spanned over 2-4 weeks.

It features a unique combination of Strategic CX Consulting with Experiential Offer Design & Done for you Design of the Environment for your Service/Program delivery.

I makeover your entire client experience ecosystem.

Make it GORGEOUS. 
Make it WOW.

how the E-Luxe client experience design intensive works

A Golden Experience Design Intensive totally tailored to your precise business model, needs & style. 


B Luxe VIP Day Testimonial
“It’s one thing to have fun out-of-the-box ideas for an activation or event… it’s another to be able to pull it off.
Catalyst Arts has been my secret weapon for bringing themes & client’s event dreams to life.
We collaborated on 2 awesome launch events & multiple corporate activations as well. Audette isn’t just an entertainment agent, she is an experiential engineer with the roster & costumes & creativity to pull off anything you can imagine. She goes way above and beyond for every client. ”

Event Planner

If you’re seeking support for your biz/brand & content creation I can’t say enough about the endlessly inspiring, industrious & brilliant Audette Sophia! 
I’ve known her a long time & can attest that she has always been the sort to focus on continued quality improvement of all aspects of life as well as fanning the flame of creative impulse in all we do. I’ve witnessed & admired her own rise into her great business success.
She’s an authentic, warm, and wise coach – so if you’re wondering if you want her to help you on your way…don’t wait.  If my arms could reach you, they’d be pushing you off the fence for your own best interest right now! 



Educator & Coach

“Since Audette and I started working together, I’ve experienced a complete turnaround in my life – in my job, my finances, my love life and soon-to-be my home. She knows how to help guide me towards what I want to bring into my life, and she doesn’t judge when I’m off-track; she simply, gently, helps me refocus. Audette has been a wonderful advocate for me.”

Sha Kelly

Multi-passionate Creative

Other Ways to Work Together:

The Golden Experience Design Method by Audette Sophia - Catalyst Experiential

The 1st official training program for my EXD Methodology will start in May.

Catalyst Studios- Brand Photography & Video Studio in Berkeley, CA

 BRAND Photo/Video Shoot STUDIO

Catalyst Studios HQ is in Berkeley, CA & is used for myself & my clients to host Virtual Workshops, Live videos & Courses & Trainings… as well as creative brand Shoots.

It is where my VIP intensives take place (when in person) & features 2 rooms, lighting, tripods, lighted makeup station, photo backdrop, large white board, & 4 possible video shoot locations.

The perfect place to get your high quality Content batch created.
Members of the Creative Lab incubator get discounted rates for their shoots.


Experiential Business Mastermind + custom designed virtual program ecosystem by Audette

Blog- Content, Creativity + Biz

Blog- Content, Creativity + Biz