Hello! I’m Audette

I’m an experience designer/creator & ladyboss of Catalyst Arts & Catalyst Experiential. 

 I’m a quintessential artsy visionary- turned serial entrepreneur. 

As far as degrees & such go: I’ve got a BA in Integrative Arts, & certifications in career coaching, content marketing, & experiential marketing. 

I stumbled into producing kids zones at music festivals in my twenties & after 8 years of that, I dropped the training wheels & jumped into producing entertainment, installations & activations for progressive corporate clients.  

After designing & producing interactive experiences for 15+ years professionally, I discovered that experience design is actually a ‘field’ & promptly read every book on the topic!

I’m a founding & active member of the World Experience Organization & will always be found creating at the intersection of art, business, & vibrant culture. 


I’m the Creator Of:

Catalyst Arts Entertainment visual synopsis by owner Audette
The Golden Experience Design Method by Audette Sophia - Catalyst Experiential
The Brand Gem by Audette- visually crystallize your unique value & X Factor
Experiential Business Mastermind group program lead by Audette Catalyst Experiential experience design consultancy
I'm Audette- Creative & Catalyst & visual idea synthesizer
Key Values




  • It’s Experiences that change the way we think & see & be in the world
  • Experiences are powerfully impactful because they are holistic- touching us on manly levels at once (physical/sensory, emotional, spiritual, intellectual)
  • Most of us have too much stuff. Unlike buying lot’s of stuff… filling our appetite for experiences doesn’t harm the environment
  • They can be designed & orchestrated (but involve humans so always wildcards & improvisation)
  • They can be customized to individual & scaled out to the many
  • Creating memorable experiences earns you that special place in mid-long term memory
  • Novel Experiences = Good Stories (told with words or visually)
  • It is the beating heart of a Service, the subjective way all value is received, & a key differentiator
  • The way you/your biz are experienced makes the difference in both your reputation & your $$


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Blog- Content, Creativity + Biz

Blog- Content, Creativity + Biz